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We are in the middle of a mental health crisis. People all over the world cannot find treatments that work for them. Researchers are fighting to discover and design new treatments that help people, especially treatment-resistant patients. Patients face cost barriers that make it hard for them to afford the care they desperately need.

At Osmind, our mission is to maximize patient access to innovative mental health treatments.  We want to promote worldwide healing and overcome this global crisis, especially for those who have been failed by the broken healthcare system.

We are working towards three specific goals:

To reach these goals, we must enable research that can help develop effective treatments and aggregate efficacy and quality data to tear down cost barriers imposed by insurance companies. We need effective, affordable mental health care for all.

As a result, we invite providers and patients to contribute aggregated, anonymized information for these causes. Providers like you have the power to showcase the effectiveness of these cutting-edge treatments to help advocate for maximal insurance coverage and to support research of new treatments that can help people who are really struggling. No information contributed can ever be traced back to any person or clinic.

By running analyses on completely anonymized and aggregated information pooled nationwide, we can provide insights to researchers and policy-makers to develop effective treatments and improve access to better care. We can help researchers create more effective medications and treatment protocols that help people feel better faster. We can show insurance companies that ketamine treatment is safe and efficacious, so that they will cover those costs and embrace these modalities. In all cases, underlying data will not be exposed.

Patients and clinics always own health data and have the right to all of it. In compliance with HIPAA, personal protected health information cannot and will not be sold.

Together, we can foster rigorous clinical evidence to help advance research and obtain insurance coverage that will help solve our world’s mental health crisis. If you have further questions, please read our letter about privacy.

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