August 2, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Moises Daniel—Software Engineer

Written by

Steph Conrad

As part of our “Employee Spotlight: New Hire” series, we welcome Moises Daniel, Software Engineer to share highlights of his first 3 months of working at Osmind.

Meet Moi - Osmind’s first Mexico Senior Software Engineer hire (We’re hiring!). He is part of our Patient Experience pod, which works to create solutions that connect patients with the Osmind platform and improve the patient experience during treatments.

With 4 years of full stack developer experience, Moi has helped develop APIs, mobile apps, websites, and large solutions for FinTech and marketing industries.

Why were you interested in working at Osmind?

I was interested in working at Osmind because of the culture. I also saw this as a chance to work alongside experts in mental health by merging software technology and healthcare industries. I think that mental healthcare is more important than ever right now. It didn’t get enough attention before and now we are looking to explore more treatments and take mental healthcare more seriously.

What was your favorite part of the interview process?

I enjoyed everything about the interview process. The interview experience was very professional and scheduling was smooth. Some parts of the interview I really enjoyed were the design system challenge because I could showcase my technical skills and the conversation with Josh, the VP of Engineering. It was so amazing to have the opportunity to talk with Josh about the company, the team, culture, and goals during my interview.

What was your favorite part of the onboarding process?

Definitely getting to meet my coworkers. I got to introduce myself, my cat, Nala and share my interests on my first day at the Osmind Company All Hands. I really love sports (Denver Broncos), listening to music and going to concerts. It was cool to be able to share that with the team on my first day and meet so many new people. I love the activities that Osmind creates for us to get to know each other.

Game night after work with folks from Engineering, Clinical, and GTM

Can you share more about your experience working both internationally and remotely?

It's been a great experience so far to work for a startup company located in San Francisco from my country. It’s amazing we have enough technology to be able to work remotely.

We have enough tools and resources to communicate everything that we need and work as a team. Our team meetings give us time to work to solve problems together.

We also have meetings that are non-work related, such as events and opportunities for us to get to know each other better. That really makes the work routine pleasant and enjoyable. Ultimately, I feel very supported by my team.

How would you describe your experience working at Osmind so far?

My experience here has been a new adventure from the first touchpoint with Osmind. I really love working with the people here.

The team's really supportive and everyone's passionate about the mission. What Osmind is doing is so innovative. I remember reading about psychedelic-assisted therapy treatments a few years ago and thought to myself, "this is so interesting and I hope to work in this industry someday."

I now have the opportunity to be be a part of this new culture within a company that cares about mental health—not just for patients—but also for their employees. This is very important these days, because companies—even here in Mexico—do not support their employees' mental health. Burnout is so common and I feel like my mental health matters at Osmind.

What is your favorite Osmind memory so far?

Definitely being onsite in San Francisco. I got to collaborate with my coworkers for the first time in person on a “Hackathon” project and even met with Lucia, Jimmy, Dr. Carlene, and Dr. Alison. My team created a project focusing on patient goals and we won the Patient Experience Trophy.

At the end of the week, the company celebrated together at karaoke. I got to sing “Mr. Brightside” and can’t wait to sing with everyone again during the Mexico team offsite.

Showed up at the wrong Karaoke place lol

What's a current project you're most excited about?

I am a part of the newest technical pod called the "patient experience pod." The pod is growing and we're going to create features to improve the patient experience. I'm excited to see what we're able to accomplish in the upcoming months.

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Osmind?

If you would like to work for an innovative mental healthcare company, with great culture and challenges that will help you grow as a professional, you should join us!

What brings you joy outside of work?

Discovering new places and exploring the outdoors. I also love going to concerts and even got to see Broods and Halsey during my onsite visit. I love spending time with my friends, family, and my cat Nala.

Broods concert.

There’s a bike trail close to my house. There's a way across a small section of woods where you can go walking or bicycle to other cities.

The photo in the mountains is with my mom on the 5th highest Mexican mountain called Black Sierra, but behind us is the 1st highest called Pico de Orizaba.

My cat Nala who just turned 3.

If you’re interested in joining a passionate and mission-driven team, we have several engineering openings at

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