Jacob Behrens, MD

Founder of Envision ADHD

Jake Behrens is a board certified psychiatrist and the founder of the Envision ADHD Clinic where hespecializes in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD in busy professionals. He serves on the APSARD Board and Membership Committee as well as the American Psychiatric Association's Quality Care Council and Registry Oversight Committee. He previously served as a delegate in the American Medical Association's House of Delegates and chaired the Young Physician Council's Technology Innovation Committee.

He received his undergraduate and medical degree from the University of Wisconsin -Madison where he stayed for residency and then clinical faculty before venturing into lean model clinic startup with Envision ADHD where technology and workflow advancements could more rapidly be implemented in clinical practice.

He is the co-founder of Healthtech MKE, which works to connect, support and, "put healthtech startups in Milwaukee, WI on the map." His interests include: ADHD, telemedicine, technology in clinical practice, exploring each and every function and feature of the software he uses and tests, getting into the "nitty gritty, nuts and bolts" workflows of clinical practice, smiling at dogs and spending time with wild minded individuals sharing/dreaming/designing/whiteboarding new ideas and ways to streamline seemingly mundane tasks.


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