September 26, 2023

Osmind Reviews Are In for the Best Mental Health EHR

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We are delighted to announce that Osmind has been recognized by customers as a top rated mental health EHR. Capterra, a trusted authority in software reviews acquired by Gartner, included Osmind in the 2023 Mental Health Software Shortlist as one of the highest-rated and most popular EHRs in the category.

This accolade is not just a testament to our robust, user-friendly platform but also to the immense trust and positive experiences of our valued clinical community.

What Makes Osmind a Top-rated Mental Health EHR? Here’s what the reviews say:

1. Tailored Charting for Modern Mental Health Practices

What sets us apart in the Mental Health EHR realm is our dedication to building systems explicitly crafted for modern mental health practices. Whether you're providing cutting-edge treatments like ketamine, TMS, and SPRAVATO® or focusing on med management and psychotherapy, we offer a tailored charting experience with measurement-based care at its core. This ensures you dedicate less time to paperwork and more to what matters.

"I have been using Osmind for about a year now and have been impressed. I do quite a bit of teaching to other NPs about SPRAVATO® and using Osmind. You guys have made my job much easier by streamlining the process. We get to spend more time with the patients and less time documenting" -Ron Tyree, PMHNP-BC
“Osmind is a platform that is focused, specialized, and listens to the community it serves when adding features and functionality. The platform has an opportunity to move ketamine infusion space toward a standard of care which will lead to better patient outcomes.”-Charles Miller, CRNA, co-founder of Scenic City Neurotherapy,

“Our values and our core mission is to be present with the patients. And the patients are our number one. Osmind allows us to spend time with them versus wasting valuable moments on paperwork. We're able to just step away from the office and be more present with them.”-Sonia Cotto, CRNA & owner of Ketamine and Wellness Clinic of South Florida

After 50 years, psychiatry is entering an age of innovation, thanks to new treatment research, better tech, and richer data. As you chart your course forward, feel confident knowing you’re in compliance and operating at the top of your license.

2. Keep patients engaged with measurement-based care and a dedicated patient app

With our easy-to-use patient app, patients can effortlessly access their medical information, generate and submit superbills for out-of-network reimbursement, journal, and much more. Visualize your patient’s progress with automated measurement-based care. Send over 40+ patient rating scales, and progress is visualized over time. Stay proactive with a smart alert system that notifies you when patients fall below a certain threshold.

"Osmind has helped us scale up our practice without sacrificing the personal touch that our patients have come to expect. We are now able to trend their day-to-day mood and better track their progress or need for a booster. My patients have been able to use their Osmind app to pursue out-of-network insurance. Partnering with Osmind is one of the best decisions we have made” -Sonia Cotto of the Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida

"Osmind offers an app that allows our patients to connect with us in a non-threatening way. They can track their own progress, journal, reach out to other patients through the Osmind community, and file their bills through Osmind, which incentivizes them to stay on track and engaged.”-Ami Miller, NP and co-founder of Scenic City Neurotherapy

"The use and ease of it, especially for our patients. It has been great for scheduling appointments and managing our digital medical records. It has become a bridge into their own mental health awareness. It truly is incredible, to show them their very own progress." -Jacqueline D., Director of creative and immersive therapies

What gets measured gets managed, and Osmind makes it easy to make data-driven decisions. Patients feel agency over their treatment journey with journey by seeing their progress, having access to secure messaging, journaling tools, and a supportive patient community.

3. Simplify Running Your Practice with all-in-one billing, scheduling, intake, and customer support

At Osmind, we understand the complexities of running a private practice and the many facets involved. Our mission is to empower you to focus on patient care by simplifying your operations with an all-in-one platform.

Steve K., owner of a mental health practice, shares:

"Loading patients into the system is easy, and there are a lot of resources for the patient once they sign up. The charting process is made to be easy and it continues to improve."

Dr. Appasani, psychiatrist and Osmind Community Advisory Board member, appreciates how Osmind has simplified his practice management:

Thomas S., DNP, highlights the versatility of our platform:

"Great experience that helps us automate and track many critical points in our business, such as automated questionnaires with alerts for customizable score thresholds, integrated intake paperwork and document signing, full EMR capability including billing and superbill generation for clients, and an electronic insurance submission tool."

You’re overloaded with piecing together multiple tools. Eliminate double documentation, and streamline your patient intake and billing. Embrace more cash flow and fewer headaches.

4. Unparalleled Customer Support

In today's digitized world, finding a company with a stellar support team is like striking gold. At Osmind, we are immensely proud of our unparalleled customer support. We believe that software is not just about providing a platform; it's about delivering a reliable service where customers feel heard, supported, and valued. Our testimonials illustrate the level of personalized, responsive, and proactive support we provide, which has become a cornerstone of our users' experience. We're not just an app - we're a partner invested in your success.

"I know I can call someone over there and get someone I know, and you respond back. Not a large company where I’m lucky I’ll get someone who knows what you’re doing. -Chelsie Monroe, PMHNP

“I read reviews of other companies about how getting back to you on problems was hard - and that hasn’t been my experience with Osmind. People are responsive within reasonable time when you’re having issues. Everything i’ve done recently with sending tech support messages, everyone is good about getting things fixed. It’s excellent. Every problem has been resolved within a day to a week, but I get periodic updates. I never had to follow up on my own.” -Erin Holleman, APRN

"When I was beginning to use the software, there was always someone there to answer my questions. They are improving all of the time and the upgrades have made the platform more and more elegant." -Jill K., owner of a medical practice.

Every minute is crucial when running a private mental health practice. Osmind offers unparalleled support whenever you need it to make sure everything is running smoothly.

5. A Dedicated, Curated Practice Community

In private practice, it's easy to feel like you're on an isolated journey. Traditional forums such as Facebook groups and Reddit threads can often be disorganized and overwhelming. Osmind offers an alternative: a dedicated and supportive online community of clinicians, all unified by the mission to push mental health forward.

Dr. Appasani, an early career psychiatrist, found the support and resources he needed to navigate the start of his private practice journey within Osmind’s online Practice Community:

“The community that Osmind has created has been very effective in answering questions for me from anything from, billing codes, to documentation, to medications and cases, to getting in touch with therapists that I would need for my patients. They have ongoing webinars where they bring in special guests to talk about new topics in the future of psychiatry. I know that the intention behind the company and the vision are very aligned with my approach to psychiatry and my vision of the future of psychiatry.”

Maegen Vincent, MD, Psychiatrist, speaks on the value she found in our practice community and other aspects of Osmind's offerings:

"The patient engagement tools, practice community, and receptiveness to feedback were major selling points for me."

Our Practice Community is more than just a networking platform. We strive to foster connections, share knowledge, and provide a space for healthcare professionals to thrive. With Osmind, you don't need to scour the internet for information or feel alone in your journey. Exclusive virtual events with thought leaders help you stay ahead of the curve.

6. Forward-thinking, EHR that evolves with your practice and psychiatry’s future

“The thing that I love about Osmind is that I'm not going to have to adopt a different software into my office because Osmind is going to advance with us. To know that the core of our practice is going to change and our software is something I’ll never need to replace is invaluable.”-Ami Miller, NP and co-founder at Scenic City Neurotherapy

"Osmind makes me feel cared for. The team is responsive and seems to be interested in feedback and responsive. I feel like they respect the work that I do and care about my experience. I feel like they're forward thinking and interested in evolving and growing as is my practice.” -Seth Mehr, M.D.

“Wonderful EHR that continues to improve! The customer service staff are priceless! The program is visually appealing, easy to use, and ever evolving! I love how I've only used the program for about a year, & several patches have already came out improving the functionality! Invoices and Superbills have been nicely overhauled. I have heard good things from the user end as well!” -Cory H., NP.

"At Accelerated Psychiatry, we have been so pleased with Osmind, which truly has the clinician experience at its heart. The Osmind team has also been very proactive with asking us for our perspectives as clinicians and our feedback on how they can help us do what we do best. The improvements that they have made and continue to make show that they understand that mission.” -Erick Sheftic, MD.

Why is Osmind the Right Choice for Your Psychiatry Practice?

When considering an EMR for your psychiatry private practice, you deserve one that's made by psychiatrists, for psychiatrists. You're not just choosing a tool, but investing in future-proofing your practice.

Here’s why 500+ modern practices choose Osmind as their partner:

  • Tailored and Easy-to-Use Charting: Whether you mostly offer medication management, or you offer treatments like TMS and ketamine, we’ve got a note to make your life easier.
  • Your Patients Stay Engaged: With our dedicated patient app, your patients won’t just see their progress; they'll become active participants in their healing journey.
  • All-In-One Practice Management: Tired of piecing tools and subscriptions together? Imagine having billing, scheduling, and secure messaging all in one intuitive place. We’ve designed everything with your efficiency in mind.
  • Beyond Basic Support: Not only will you receive dedicated onboarding support, but our real-time phone and chat support and regular office hours ensure you always feel supported.
  • Secure and Compliant: Your practice, whether virtual or in-person, deserves the gold standard in compliance. With Osmind, you'll always practice with peace of mind.
  • Thrive with Osmind’s Practice Community: Being in a private practice doesn’t mean solitude. Join our vibrant community of clinicians, stay updated with live events, and be a part of the transformative journey in mental health.
  • Evolving with You: Osmind isn't static. As your practice grows and psychiatry advances, we evolve with you, ensuring you’re always at the forefront.

Schedule a demo with us. Discover firsthand how we can propel your practice into the future of psychiatry.

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