April 20, 2023

Osmind in the News: Innovations in Mental Healthcare and the Promise of Public Benefit Corporations

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Osmind has been making a splash in the media lately, and we're thrilled to bring you a roundup of the recent coverage.

As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) on a mission to transform mental healthcare, we're honored to be featured in these stories. But remember, mental healthcare takes a village – we can't do it without you.

These are your stories and your patients' stories.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and join us on this journey. Let's transform mental healthcare, together! Read on to discover the latest updates, insights, and learn how we can make a real impact in the industry.

1) Industry Voices—Innovative mental healthcare practices are hampered by access challenges, administrative burdens - Fierce Healthcare

Our co-founder and CEO, Lucia Huang, discusses the challenges faced by innovative mental healthcare clinicians. She highlighted the findings of an Osmind-led survey, which revealed that 75 ketamine treatment clinics were operating at only 60% capacity due to insurance coverage and administrative hurdles. Huang emphasized the need for more efficient electronic health records (EHRs), support for measurement-based care, and better patient access to innovative mental health treatments through leveraging real-world evidence.

The article showcases Osmind's commitment to improving mental healthcare access and the company's role in conducting significant research, such as the ORKA-1 study, the largest real-world ketamine outcomes study for treating patients with treatment-resistant depression. Read the full article here.


This feature from Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign highlights Osmind's journey, mission, and growth. Osmind's journey, mission, and accomplishments were highlighted.

The feature discussed how co-founders Lucia Huang and Jimmy Qian leveraged their experiences at Stanford to create a platform focused on precision medicine in psychiatry. Osmind has grown rapidly, now serving over 400 clinics in 45 states and raising nearly $60 million. Learn how by reading the full article here.

3) Lucia Huang: Escaping the Train Tracks - UCSF Rosenman Institute Health Tech Podcast

In this podcast episode from UCSF Rosenman Institute's Health Tech podcast, Osmind co-founder and CEO, Lucia Huang, joined to discuss the importance of destigmatizing mental health. Lucia shared her personal career journey and experiences as the CEO of Osmind, as well as the vital role mental health plays in our overall well-being.

At Osmind, we're dedicated to providing digital platforms for mental health research and treatment, and Lucia's insights on this podcast emphasize our commitment to making a difference in the mental health space. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation – listen to the full podcast episode here.

4) Aledade, Mark Cuban's drug company and a handful of others are public benefit corporations. Could it be the Rx to improve healthcare? - Fierce Healthcare

Explore how PBCs like Osmind are revolutionizing patient care and accountability in this thought-provoking article. Dive into the differences between PBCs and B Corps, and learn about the benefits and challenges of the PBC model in healthcare. Read the full article here.

We hope you find these news stories as inspiring as we do. At Osmind, we're committed to driving change in the mental healthcare industry, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our progress with you. Thank you for joining us on this journey to transform mental healthcare!

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