September 18, 2023

Osmind Recognized as Quarterfinalist in the 2023 Digital Health Awards

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A Proud Moment for Osmind: Quarterfinalist in the 2023 Digital Health Awards

We're happy to announce our recognition as a quarterfinalist in the mental and behavioral health category of the 2023 Digital Health Awards.

Why It Matters:

The digital mental health landscape has expanded rapidly, but innovation in treatment for those with treatment-resistant depression hasn't kept pace. Symptoms return for two out of three individuals relying on antidepressants. This is where Osmind steps in, serving as the technology backbone that's driving the acceleration of groundbreaking science in mental health.

What Sets Us Apart:

The Osmind treatment platform is trusted by over 500 leading mental health practices. It's designed to safely administer, monitor, and analyze treatments for those living with moderate to severe mental health conditions. At its core, our electronic health record technology is meticulously crafted for psychiatric treatment workflows. It boasts of:

  • Scheduling of in-person and virtual visits, along with digital intake and appointment reminders to make the most out of the visit.
  • Psychiatry-tailored charting and integrated clinical workflows, including templates for novel treatments like SPRAVATO and psychedelic medicine.
  • Measurement-based care tools to easily enable outcomes tracking and visualizing patient progress over time.
  • A patient engagement app to strengthen the therapeutic alliance between patients and clinicians, before and after the visit.
  • A comprehensive billing suite that makes it easy for clinicians to get paid, without interrupting patient care.

Moreover, Osmind uses its anonymized, aggregate data responsibly. We're not just collecting data; we're contributing to the greater good. The high-quality clinical outcomes we've amassed lead to published research papers and collaborations with biopharma, all aimed at pushing the envelope in research for superior treatments and patient outcomes.

Our Superpower

Osmind bridges the experiences individual patients have in the real world to those advancing research to make breakthrough mental health treatments more effective. The clinical research data we’ve gathered is one-of-a-kind in the industry Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Over 100,000 complex cases.
  • Over 2.5 million real-world outcome measures.

At Osmind, we are pushing forward the bounds of what we understand about brain health.


As the most comprehensive EHR and research platform designed to advance evidence-based mental health treatments, we’re proud to help be part of the revolution of clinicians, patients, and researchers dedicated to ensuring that the millions of Americans who need mental healthcare support get the effective care they need.

Thank You.
To our incredible team, partners, and community: Your trust and collaboration fuel our mission. Together, we're setting the stage for a brighter era in mental healthcare for those who need it most.

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