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As a Public Benefit Corporation, it is our mission to foster the development of new, effective treatments for moderate to severe mental health conditions, and to help ensure robust access to care for patients of all backgrounds. One way we work towards these goals is to advance science and clinical care through research studies and real-world evidence.

We collaborate with top researchers in mental health and neuroscience

Selected Osmind research activities

ORKA (Osmind Real-world Ketamine Analyses)

ORKA is a series of research studies that assess long-term patient outcomes in large samples of real-world patients undergoing ketamine therapy for depression. Please see the ORKA website for more information.

Psychedelic Integration Study

With our partner Fluence, we have launched a prospective observational study on psychedelic harm reduction and integration in naturalistic care settings. Please see the study website for more information.

Ketamine-mediated improvement of daily living

In collaboration with the Ketamine Taskforce for Access to Safe Care and Insurance Coverage, we are conducting a prospective study on how ketamine affects activities of daily living and other functional outcomes in CRPS patients.

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