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“Real-world evidence data collection is taking off in the ketamine space, and it's clear Osmind are field leaders here. I look forward to seeing real-world evidence initiatives being utilized when MDMA and psilocybin therapy become available for patients. It will be essential for assessing their relative merits versus already existing treatment options, including ketamine infusion therapy.”

Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD

Ralph Metzner Distinguished Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry and Founding Director of the Neuroscape Psychedelics Division, UCSF

ORKA (Osmind Real-world Ketamine Analyses)

Osmind Real-world Ketamine Analyses (ORKA) is a series of research studies to assess long-term patient outcomes in large samples of real-world patients undergoing ketamine therapy for depression. In the largest published real-world analysis of ketamine infusion therapy, Osmind teamed up with physician scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine to share findings of ORKA-1 in the Journal of Affective Disorders (March 2022).

The analysis found that ketamine was an effective and durable treatment for depression and that over 70% of patients with suicidal ideation at baseline experienced an overall improvement. ORKA-2 is now underway, once again in collaboration with Heifets Lab faculty researchers at Stanford University, and is assessing the effects of dose, comorbid anxiety and maintenance treatment on depression outcomes. Interim results were presented at the 2022 Ketamine & Related Compounds International Conference at the University of Oxford with a manuscript to come. ORKA-3, which is also in progress, will be shared at a later date.

The goal of ORKA is to understand the efficacy and safety of ketamine therapy as it is practiced in the community, versus the more limited scope of clinical trials. Clinical trials can only assess a specific combination of controlled parameters, whereas in the real world a variety of treatment regimens and patient characteristics intersect. It is additionally unclear how patients enrolled in prospective, randomized trials (usually in academic medical centers) compare to those seeking care in private practice. As the majority of patients receiving ketamine are treated in community practices, it is crucial to assess outcomes in these settings. Such real-world evidence is critical to establish the safety and efficacy of new treatments for patients and to obtain the necessary support of payers to ensure broad access to care.

Additional selected research activities

We're focused on enabling cutting-edge research and advancing therapeutics, precision diagnostics, and care management programs.

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Psychedelic Integration Study

With our partner Fluence, we have launched a prospective observational study on psychedelic harm reduction and integration in naturalistic care settings. Please see the study website for more information.

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Ketamine-mediated improvement of daily living

In collaboration with the Ketamine Taskforce for Access to Safe Care and Insurance Coverage, we are conducting a prospective study on how ketamine affects activities of daily living and other functional outcomes in CRPS patients.

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