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A sample of Osmind studies in progress

ORKA (Osmind Real-world Ketamine Analysis)

In collaboration with preeminent experts at several top academic medical centers, we are analyzing the largest racemic ketamine dataset in the world to assess long-term patient outcomes throughout naturalistic repeated ketamine treatment.

Ketamine-mediated improvement of daily living

In collaboration with the Ketamine Taskforce for Access to Safe Care and Insurance Coverage, we are conducting a prospective study on how ketamine affects activities of daily living and other functional outcomes in CRPS patients.

KISSD (Ketamine Intramuscular Stepped System for Depression)

We are conducting a study on an innovative intramuscular racemic ketamine protocol to elucidate its efficacy and safety for the treatment of TRD, particularly around the relationship between dosage and time to relapse.

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy study

We are helping the Psychopathology Lab of McWelling Todman conduct a quality assurance study on a private ketamine-assisted psychotherapy practice, examining a range of quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

Fluence study on psychedelic integration therapy

We are helping Fluence conduct a prospective study on psychedelic integration therapy to elucidate client and therapist characteristics, client outcomes, and access to care.

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