Sofia Peeva, MD

Co-founder & COO at Propel Therapeutics

Dr. Sofia Peeva is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist. She has an expertise in airway management, anesthetic administration for a wide range of operations and medication infusion and titration.

Dr. Peeva became interested in ketamine while she was a resident in Anesthesia. She has used the medication thousands of times to provide anesthesia in many different settings. After years of experience with ketamine she has recently become interested in how it is being used in the mental health setting.

While depression and anxiety rates skyrocket, and first-line medications are not as effective as intended; Dr. Peeva has emerged as a pioneer who is adapting ketamine therapy to target treatment resistant depression, PTSD and anxiety and chronic pain. ​Dr. Peeva has been delighted by all the positive results from her patients receiving ketamine therapy infusions and integrative psychotherapy. The results she has experienced with ketamine therapy have been encouraging and have motivated her to continue to learn and research this field so she can fine tune this important and novel treatment.

To learn more about Propel Therapeutics, visit their website here.

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