Tobias Marton, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer at Mindful Health Solutions

Dr. Marton received his Bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology at UC Berkeley and his MD and Ph.D. in neuroscience at UC San Diego.

He then completed his psychiatry residency at UC San Francisco and conducted research as both a resident and as an NIMH-funded Fellow examining the role of the medial prefrontal cortex in attention shifting using mouse behavior, EEG, and optogenetics.

He developed a strong interest in brain stimulation techniques and novel treatments for treatment-refractory depression and subsequently joined the clinical faculty of UCSF and San Francisco VA. He worked on the ECT services of both UCSF and San Francisco VA Medical Centers and founded and directed the San Francisco VA rTMS clinic.

In 2017 he founded and directed the San Francisco VA IV Ketamine Clinic and Esketamine Clinic, one of only a few clinical ketamine programs in the VA system. He provided intravenous ketamine treatments to over 120 severely depressed veterans with over 2000 ketamine infusions and has published several studies reporting clinical outcomes.

He has also educated and trained many medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings in using therapeutic neuromodulation and ketamine to treat TRD. Dr. Marton joined Mindful Health Solutions in 2021 and has served as the Chief Medical Officer since 2022.


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