August 25, 2022

5 ways Osmind helps you streamline your mental health private practice

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James Berges

Spring is a time of transition, and the perfect opportunity to prepare your practice for what's to come.

Read on to learn about:

  • Reducing redundant workflows with best-practice templates
  • Collecting payments in one place at the time of service
  • Intake improvements
  • Expanding your practice with virtual visits
  • A practice community of supportive peers

We’re excited to help you save time and take your clinic to the next level with new and improved features. 

1) Intake

Intake can be cumbersome for you and the patient - sending forms back and forth, following up on non-completions, and managing around missing information.

With our improved intake workflow, you’ll ensure your patients complete their intake before their first appointment. You can select the sections of the intake form you wish to send to patients for completion. Once sent, you can easily monitor the status of forms and resend the form if needed.

But what happens if a patient doesn’t complete their intake form ahead of their first visit? You can simply use the new QR code functionality and collect intake information digitally to import into the patient chart. The new form is optimized for use on phones or desktops. Patients also have more opportunities for multi-select under race, relationship status, and employment status.‍

Customize forms to fit your practice, and automatically track submission status.

Ready to streamline your intake process? Read “How to intake new patients with Osmind”

You'll create a smooth first impression for your patient, giving them confidence to return their information in a timely manner.

2) Templates

‍One of the benefits of private practice is in managing your own time and reducing your administrative burden. But for any physician, charting and documenting regularly takes after-hours pajama time and reduces work-life balance. You may have tried remedying this by scouring Facebook groups for templates, or copying and pasting common phrases from a document on your hard drive. 

With Osmind’s templates, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel—or wait until nights and weekends to finish your documentation. 

With templates, you can save time on notes in two ways:

  1. Automated snippets: Stop typing everything out by hand. Use an Osmind-provided plugin to auto-generate the phrases you use repeatedly while typing your notes.

copy and paste snippets in one place

  1. Template library: Within Osmind’s community, you’ll find clinicians who are working with similar patients who can share best practices in documenting and saving time. We’re curating a growing library of best practice templates that will complement your workflow, and already have over 60 templates available to choose from. You can customize any template and create your own.
Access 60+ library of customizable best practice templates form your clinical community

The best part? These templates and snippets can be used outside of Osmind—so you can save time anywhere you can type. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your documentation is consistent and accurate.

3) Integrated payments

A critical part of running a successful clinic is collecting payments from your patients. For many of Osmind’s customers this is the majority or even all of your monthly revenue. The overhead of accounting for outstanding payments and following up to collect takes away from your focus on care. It’s also an additional, uncomfortable conversation with your patient that sets the wrong tone for a visit.

To help with this, we’ve made sending and collecting invoices fast and easy within Osmind. Our new payment workflows allow you to easily invoice and collect, and allow your patient to make payments before or after visits in addition to in the clinic.

With Osmind’s Billing and Claims solution you'll be able to:

  • Create an invoice
  • Collect payments
  • Accept credit cards at a competitive flat rate
  • Associate a payment with an existing invoice
  • Collect a payment without an invoice
  • Process refunds
  • Avoid claim denials with psychiatry-first billing
  • Connect to 38,000+ payers
  • Easily create custom billing templates, and use them to auto-populate claims
  • Autofill the majority of claim fields for quick submissions
  • View a history of invoices and payments for patients

Patients can pay in multiple ways before, during, or after their visit

Collect payment at the time of service—so you can go from patient care to payment received—all in one place.

4) Virtual Visits

With patient demand for mental health services at all-time highs, you need flexibility to meet patients in the setting that works best for them. 

Osmind now includes an option for virtual visits, allowing you to seamlessly create a virtual appointment, share the video link with the patient, and launch the virtual visit from our app.

Your patients will appreciate the saved time and money from not commuting, and being able to log into sessions from wherever they feel most comfortable. You’ll be able to schedule more clients and expand access to those who need it most. 

Osmind already gives you asynchronous tools for monitoring patient progress and communicating like journaling and smart alerts. While teletherapy is nothing new, virtual visits extend Osmind’s experience, making it easier, safer, and more cost effective to offer virtual care.

5) The Practice Community

You got into this field to help others, but who do you go to when you need help?

When you join Osmind you become a part of a growing community of forward-thinking physicians and advanced practice RNs and NPs. Come for live webinars about breakthroughs in mental health. Stay for the community of supportive peers where you can network and get your clinical questions answered.

When you join Osmind’s community, you automatically get access to: 

  • Personalized content, events, and expertise from successful clinicians to help you build your knowledge base across treatments and successfully grow your practice
  • Discussions and Q&A on common practice management and business decisions
  • Free accounts for everyone at your practice, including administrators

Examples of our community events:

  • Marketing your private practice
  • Legal considerations of suicidal ideation
  • Adding TMS to your practice
  • Approaches to personality disorders in your practice
  • And more every week!

Managing and growing your private practice doesn’t have to be a headache. Together we will strengthen the therapeutic alliance—between you, your patients, real-world research, and technology to make your life easier.

Ready to accelerate your mental health private practice? Learn more and join the movement at 

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