January 24, 2023

Community Spotlight: Sonia Cotto of Ketamine and Wellness Clinic of South Florida

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At the Ketamine and Wellness Clinic of South Florida, certified registered nurse anesthesiologist Sonia Cotto and her team provide a range of modern mental health treatments with a focus on the complete patient.

“We are a place of hope and healing where we really work closely with patients through education.”

The Importance of Daily Mood Tracking (Measurement-Based Care)

One of the key tools that has helped Sonia’s clinic to thrive is Osmind, a modern EHR purpose-built for psychiatrists and mental health clinicians.

As Sonia states, "What we love about Osmind is having that ability to send daily mood scores and scales to patients automatically. So we can monitor their progress number-wise and based on their treatment."

Osmind allows Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida to track patients' daily mood scores and see the trend of their scores over time. This lets you follow up with patients if their scores start to drop or increase. You and your patients have the power to be proactive rather than reactive.

The Advantages of Electronic Forms

In addition, Sonia’s clinic uses Osmind to have patients fill out intake forms electronically, saving time and reducing the need for paper charts.

Sonia comments, "Before Osmind, we spent so much time either trying to email and receive the forms ahead of the appointments or spending at least 30 minutes plus having them hand fill them out by paper—and just the paper alone in the charts was just so thick. By going electronic, the patients can fill it out on their phone now ahead of the appointment."

”Having everything online and not in our charts is just a beautiful thing.”

Empower patients with in-app journaling tools and automatic superbills

Sonia also values the ability to have personalized intake forms specific to her clinic. She can easily share superbills to help patients possibly get reimbursement without searching through insurance documents.

Patients can also journal, message the clinic, and fill out forms directly on the app. Everything is at your and your patients’ fingertips.

Tailored Forms and Templates for the Modern Psychiatrist

Sonia explains, "Osmind has templates for everything from ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to intramuscular ketamine, intravenous, esketamine, different modalities, psychotherapy, mental health notes, an assessment note, a simple clinical note.

Anything that you could possibly think of, they already have templates for. It makes it so much easier, whether you're a ketamine infusion provider or a psychiatric office that offers med management, e-prescribing, or psychotherapy.”

Being Present with Patients

Your EHR is only useful if it frees you to focus on what really matters.

Sonia states, "Our values and our core mission is to be present with the patients. And the patients are our number one. Osmind allows us to spend time with them versus wasting valuable moments on paperwork. We're able to just step away from the office and be more present with them."

Ready to reclaim your time and join the future of psychiatry? Find out how Osmind grows with you and your practice.

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