January 20, 2024

Harnessing the Power of Microdosing and Wearables: Unveiling the Psynautics Clinical Neuroscience Study

Written by

Alison McInnes, MD, MS

The resurgence of cannabinoids and psychedelics in neuroscience signals a revolutionary shift, offering profound insights into the human mind. Yet, the challenge lies in accurately tracking brain states before, during, and after psychedelic treatments. This is where EEG technology comes into play, providing vital insights for patients. Leading this innovative front is Dr. Conor Murray, a neuroscientist at UCLA, whose work at the intersection of brain activity, psychedelics, and consciousness has culminated in the Psynautics Clinical Neuroscience Study, set to commence in January 2024.

Dr. Alison McInnes, Osmind’s VP of Scientific Affairs, sat down with Dr. Murray to delve into the potential of wearables in quantifying brain activity during psychedelic states.

The Journey to Psynautics

Dr. Murray's first forays into the realm of psychedelic awareness began during his undergraduate years, inspired by the writings of Alan Watts and the profound questions surrounding consciousness and psychedelics in works such as "The New Alchemy" (1958) and The Joyous Cosmology (1962). Dr. Murray began conducting his own research in top laboratories studying psychedelics. He then launched his own creation, Psynautics – a platform merging citizen science with rigorous academic inquiry. Psynautics represents a portable laboratory space where participants, donning EEG headbands, contribute to a vast database, furthering our understanding of microdosing and brain health.

The Muse Headband: A Portal to Understanding

Dr Murray’s upcoming study utilizes the Muse S headband, a device capable of tracking crucial brain health markers. Participants will record their brain activity in five-minute sessions before, during, and after their clinical visit. This non-invasive approach offers a glimpse into cognitive, emotional, and awareness states, facilitating a unique understanding of individual brain health.

An Invitation to Participate

January 2024 marks the beginning of this groundbreaking study. Participants will receive a Muse S headband at a reduced cost, embarking on an 11-day journey of self-discovery and scientific contribution. The study not only offers personal insight but contributes to a larger body of research available to scientists worldwide through the Open Science Foundation.

Special Offer for Early Participants

Those who sign up early can benefit from an additional discount on ketamine therapy at a partnering clinic in Santa Monica. This collaboration underscores the study's commitment to advancing mental health treatments and providing value to its participants.

Sign up at Psynautics Clinical Neuroscience to reserve your headband and place in the study. Your brain health journey starts now – contribute to the global scientific community and gain insight into your own mental state.


The Psynautics study offers an opportunity to delve into the brain's complexities, understand altered states of consciousness, and potentially uncover new therapeutic avenues. As Dr. Murray posits, whether through microdosing or full psychedelic experiences, we are on the cusp of redefining mental health treatment. Become a part of this transformative research and help chart the course for the future of psychiatry.

Join us as we embark on this exciting exploration of mind, brain, and the potential for healing.

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