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Our platform is designed to help clinics radically improve their ketamine therapy workflow and patient outcomes.

The #1 ketamine treatment software

Purpose-built charting and clinical tools

SPRAVATO® REMs automated submission

Patient tools for the therapeutic alliance

Technology as modern as your practice. Easily chart ketamine treatment encounters, and schedule mental health rating scales for patients to take at their convenience.

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"I feel like they're forward thinking and interested in evolving and growing as is my practice. The have a comprehensive, user-friendly ketamine specific health record and patient portal. "

Seth Mehr


“I am happy to be using Osmind. I feel like your vision and mine are aligned. I appreciate your willingness to ask me what I need for my practice. Your success is my success!"

Pamela Ruppel


"Format and note writing in Osmind is what personally sold me - it’s pre-formatted and simple. That was the selling point for me. Simplicity of scheduling clients, simplicity of overall layout and look - very clean and basic compared to some things that are complex to learn. "

Erin Holleman

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, APRN, PMHNP, FNP

"I know I can call someone over there and get someone I know, and you respond back. Not a large company where I’m lucky I’ll get someone who knows what you’re doing."

Chelsie Monroe


Purpose built for ketamine treatment

Trusted by ketamine treatment providers and patients alike. Osmind is the #1 ketamine treatment EHR for modern practices like yours.

Simple treatment workflows

Clinical workflows optimized for ketamine infusion, IM, and psychotherapy.

Patient symptom alerts

Mood monitoring and 30+ other validated patient rating scales, with smart alert thresholds.

Ultimate peace of mind

Compliant features and liability support so you can focus more on what you do best.

Time-saving features

Multi-calendar sync, intake forms that sync with the patient face sheets, and e-signature.

Looking for a purpose-built solution for ketamine treatment?

We understand how stressful it is to deal with both technology and running a practice. But don't worry, Osmind makes it easier.

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