Patient claim submissions process



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July 24, 2022





​​The Osmind mobile app allows patients to submit superbills they receive from you for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. The submission process on the patient end is very quick (less than 1-2 minutes) - they confirm their insurance information (if they haven't already) and take a picture of their superbill.

Currently, once a patient submits a superbill to the Osmind mobile app for out-of-network reimbursement, the claim is processed and electronically submitted to the insurance company. If there are any errors or issues associated with the superbill or the information provided by the patient, the patient will receive an email with further information. The patient will receive an email confirmation of the submission automatically.

Once we have electronically submitted the claim to the insurance company, we have found that it may take up to several weeks for the insurance company to reflect these submissions in the patient insurance portal. At this point, the claims are in the insurance company's internal review process and patients can expect to receive an explanation of benefits directly from them in the mail. Once we have sent in the claim to the insurance company, we are unable to do anything else as any further processing and review are internal to the insurance company. We cannot guarantee any amount of reimbursement: we can only submit the claim to the insurance company and ensure rapid electronic delivery. We do not take a cut of any reimbursement and we do not process the money: patients directly receive an explanation of benefits from their insurance company.


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