March 23, 2023

Community Spotlight: Dr. Raghu Appasani, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist

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Meet Dr. Appasani, founder of Appasani MD. He’s an integrative psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and social entrepreneur dedicated to bridging the gap between western and eastern practices.  Dr. Appasani's proactive approach to mental health aims to foster a more holistic society.

His approach to psychiatry is integrative, focusing on patients' psychosocial factors, daily routine, nutrition, and overall body health to develop effective treatment plans—resorting to medications only when necessary, with plans to help patients taper off taking meds when possible.

Choosing a Psychiatry EHR for Private Practice

When Dr. Appasani was looking for an EHR system for his private practice, he wanted an easy-to-use system that would allow his patients to connect with him through a secure messaging system. He also wanted his patients to be able to monitor their own progress.

He found Osmind to be the best fit because of the mobile patient app. The app allows patients to view appointments, submit journal entries, track their mood, complete forms and surveys, and message Dr. Appasani directly.

“The other benefit I quickly learned is that billing became very easy. Documentation became very easy. And communication with the team was very quick if I ever needed anything. It's just so easy to do your documentation quickly, review charts, and also do billing very quickly. It just makes it less burdensome and it takes away that level of burnout."

"Every time I see a patient, I'm very happy to see them and I'm super excited to see them. That's what it comes down to. The best thing about Osmind is that it allows you to spend more time with your patients”

As an early career psychiatrist, starting a private practice can feel lonely. Dr. Appasani found resources and support inside Osmind’s Practice Community.

“The community that Osmind has created has been very effective in answering questions for me from anything from, billing codes, to documentation, to medications and cases, to getting in touch with therapists that I would for need for my patients.

They have ongoing webinars where they bring in special guests to talk about new topics in the future of psychiatry.

I know that the intention behind the company and the vision are very aligned with my approach to psychiatry and my vision of the future of psychiatry.”

Mental health care lessons from working abroad

Dr. Appasani's passion for accessible mental healthcare extends beyond his direct clinical work. His nonprofit work abroad lends him a multicultural perspective to patient care.

“I've learned so much working in other communities about mental health and that regardless of where you are, we can all face mental health issues and we can all help one another.

And it's through giving someone a platform to share their story that they can heal.”

Dr. Appasani's passion for the field takes him to many places. He has:

  • Published over 35 peer-reviewed articles and edited five books.
  • Given over 120 talks on mental health, entrepreneurship, global health, and consciousness in parallel with authorship and features in CNN, Vogue, The Boston Globe, ThriveGlobal, The Better India, The Zoe Report, and The Huffington Post.
  • Conducted research as an Addiction Psychiatry Fellow at the University of California-San Francisco, and
  • Founded the Minds Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides mental health education, counseling, and the first and only 24-hour toll-free mental health line for India.

The future of psychiatry?

Dr. Appasani sees the future of psychiatry as interdisciplinary, incorporating a range of professions, including mental health, nutrition, and fitness.

Using a psychiatry EHR that prioritizes patient access, measurement-based care, and ease of use lets clinicians focus on what matters most: helping their patients lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

As he puts it, "The best thing about Osmind is that it allows you to spend more time with your patients."

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