September 1, 2020

Exciting news from Osmind: MoodMonitor is merging with us

Written by

Lucia Huang

We’re excited to announce today that MoodMonitor is merging into Osmind. Noah and Scott started MoodMonitor in 2016 to provide the best care for patients with treatment-resistant depression. They have established themselves as thoughtful, caring leaders in the ketamine and treatment-resistant mental health space and have passionately served this community of practitioners and patients. While Noah and Scott will retire from their full-time roles, they will join the Osmind team as trusted advisors and have given us their full blessing to continue this important mission.

We are honored to have the opportunity to carry on the torch. We will continue to operate MoodMonitor for existing clinics so no patients will lose care. MoodMonitor clinics will have the option to upgrade to Osmind’s software at a significant discount. We will not offer MoodMonitor for any new clinics but instead offer the Osmind platform, which is more comprehensive and cheaper. We are offering a limited-time new practice discount for any new practice that signs up with Osmind for either our care platform or lightweight EMR. You can sign up here or email for information.

We believe now is more important a time than ever to empower practitioners with software that helps them deliver better clinical care and saves them time. Our full team including Noah and Scott are committed to our mission to maximize patient access to innovative treatments. We all pledge to fight for robust insurance coverage of treatments like ketamine by leveraging insights from aggregated, anonymized information pooled nationwide to illustrate safety and efficacy. As a reminder, none of this information is traceable back to any clinic or patient and is never shared between clinics. We run population-wide analyses and do not expose any underlying data. Patients and clinics always own health data and have the right to all of it. In compliance with HIPAA, personal protected health information cannot and will not be sold.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve a field that’s so important especially in the midst of the COVID pandemic. We will do everything we can to work with Noah and Scott to continue to improve the Osmind platform and continue to reach as many practitioners as possible. Our lightweight EMR specifically for treatment-resistant modalities like ketamine and future FDA-approved psychedelic medicines is available now, and we’re excited to continue work on many new feature releases.

Please reach out any time with feedback, suggestions, questions, or to sign up for a demo at

Thank you so much for all of your support,

Lucia, Jimmy, Noah, and Scott

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