February 16, 2024

Letter From a Former Luminello and SimplePractice User (and Why I Switched to Osmind)

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Carlene MacMillan, MD

Finding the right EHR for your private psychiatry practice can feel like an uphill battle. For Dr. Carlene MacMillan, Chief Medical Officer at Osmind, she didn’t just want a psychiatry-tailored EHR, but a platform and community that could revolutionize mental health care. As a former Luminello and SimplePractice user, she shares how she found the perfect fit for her modern psychiatry practice at Osmind.

My EHR journey started with Luminello

Hello, my name is Dr. Carlene MacMillan, and I proudly serve as the Chief Medical Officer at Osmind. My journey in psychiatric private practice has been both long and fulfilling, leading me to join the leadership team at Osmind over two years ago.

My motivation for this significant career step was driven by a clear recognition: the field of psychiatry is in dire need of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that genuinely understands and caters to our unique requirements.

My career has been a continuous search for the elusive "perfect EHR." Interestingly, back in 2015, I was among the earliest adopters of Luminello, an EHR developed by a fellow psychiatrist. It was thrilling to witness the creation of an EHR by someone who truly understood our needs.

However, despite my appreciation for Luminello's features, its lack of support for group practices meant that my growing practice had to move on. We made the switch to SimplePractice, but if it had fully met my needs as a psychiatrist and independent practice owner, I wouldn’t be here today, sharing my journey and insights as part of the Osmind team.

Osmind vs. SimplePractice: Why I switched to Osmind

Osmind is not just any EHR and practice management platform; it offers all the essential features you'd expect and much more, especially when compared to SimplePractice. What sets Osmind apart, and what we truly love about it in our practice, is its focus on measurement-based care.

See a sneak peek in this mini demo:

Want a personalized demo to see how Osmind can future-proof your psychiatry practice? Book yours here.

Here's why Osmind is the superior choice for busy psychiatrists

  • Psychiatry-Tailored EHR: With over 40 different easy-to-send rating scales, I can see patient progress at a glance. Meanwhile, SimplePractice only has four scales. Osmind is designed by psychiatrists for psychiatrists, ensuring your psychiatry practice has everything it needs to thrive. This includes nuanced needs like measurement-based care (MBC) with various scales, tailored psychiatric claims, and seamless intake to evaluation note with a click of a button—which SimplePractice simply cannot match.
  • All-in-One EHR: From Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) with a timeline and quality you can rely on, to two-way lab integrations with Quest and Labcorp, and competitive credit card processing fees, Osmind provides a comprehensive suite of services that outpaces SimplePractice. We also offer free eligibility checks, a feature for which SimplePractice charges.
  • Future-Proof Your Practice: As a public benefit corporation, Osmind is deeply invested in advancing psychiatric care, embracing innovations like psychedelic medicine and TMS. By choosing Osmind, you're not just selecting an EHR—you're becoming part of a forward-thinking community that actively supports research initiatives, a stark contrast to the more limited, support-focused forums offered by SimplePractice. Whether you're pioneering the use of breakthrough treatments or seeking an integrated platform for your psychodynamic therapy notes and clinical tasks, Osmind is tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of your practice.

For psychiatrists who valued Luminello's psychiatry-focused features, Osmind is here to welcome you. See a full feature comparison between Luminello, SimplePractice, and Osmind to make the best choice for your psychiatry practice.

Special offer to join Osmind and modernize your psychiatric practice

Are you currently using Luminello and considering transitioning EHRs? Osmind is extending a special promotion of up to 35% off, exclusively for Luminello customers. This includes an EHR transfer and dedicated onboarding support.

Book a demo to lock in your discount.

Joining Osmind is not just about choosing an EHR; it's about making a statement on the importance of specialized, measurement-based care in psychiatry. I look forward to welcoming you to our forward-thinking community and working together to advance our field.

Let’s chart the future of mental health, together.

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