Switching from Luminello and looking for a psychiatry EHR?

The Luminello EHR is being shut down, and customers are being forced to migrate to SimplePractice. Now is a perfect time to see why forward-thinking psychiatrists are choosing Osmind instead.

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"Osmind has everything you need in one place and grows with you."

“Osmind is really paying for itself. My patients love having the app. It’s truly a game changer.”

Bergina Isbell, MD

"The patient engagement tools, practice community, and receptiveness to feedback were major selling points for me."

Maegen Vincent, MD

"You guys have made my job much easier by streamlining the process. We get to spend more time with the patients and less time documenting"

Ron Tyree, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Mental Health NP

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See why Luminello customers are switching to Osmind

We'll take care of transferring your data from Luminello, and help you feel comfortable using Osmind  before you know it. See how we compare.





Easy to use psychiatry EHR, built by psychiatrists

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Lab ordering and results integration

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Zoom HIPAA-compliant telehealth

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e-Prescribing with Dr. First and iPrescribe app

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e-Prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS + PDMP)

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40+ automated rating scales, with scoring and graphing

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EHR transfer from Luminello (fee waived)

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Dedicated onboarding manager

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Unlimited phone and chat support, daily group trainings

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Fast 2hr avg. support response, and real time AI chat

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Multi-calendar Google 2-way sync

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Claim submission to payers

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Accept credit card payments

2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
3.15% + 30¢ per transaction

60+ customizable psychiatry charting templates

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Interventional psych workflows e.g. SPRAVATO REMS

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Patient intake to psychiatric eval note sync

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Patient engagement app

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Automated appointment reminders, and patient app scheduling for appointment requests

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Engaged mental health practice community

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Public Benefit Corporation (PBC): not just focused on profits, but also the public good

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"Top tier customer service"

The customer service and care that the Osmind team provides is top tier. They are responsive, helpful, and so far have gone out of their way to make sure my transition to a new EHR was as easy as possible.

Chris M.
"Easy to use and great support team."

I love how easy it is to use Osmind, the UI is sleek and simple. I have been enjoying all the new features... such as scheduling, patient tagging, color code etc.

Brittany T.

Easy to use, has all the necessities including billing, scheduling, patient engagement, intake forms in addition to automating objective and measurement-based tools makes this the best EMR I have used.

Robert D.

Meet the Osmind Psychiatry EHR

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Your EMR should relieve stress, not create it

Running a private practice requires many hats. Streamline the tasks that hold you back so you can focus on what matters.

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Simplify scheduling and billing

Your entire front and back-office streamlined—so you can run your practice as flexibly as you want without interrupting patient care. Patient app scheduling makes life easier for your patients.

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Finish intake and chart notes in minutes

Save time with 60+ customizable charting templates, e-prescribe from anywhere, and automate progress monitoring with 40+ validated patient questionnaires.

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Keep patients engaged and improve outcomes

Track progress at a glance and elevate the patient experience. Osmind's dedicated patient mobile app makes measurement-based care simple.

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Get started easily and feel supported throughout

Setting up shouldn’t be a headache. Get dedicated onboarding support and as much help as you need with real-time phone and chat support—plus regular office hours.

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Gain peace of mind and stay HIPAA compliant

Run your practice your way without worry. Whether virtual or in person, feel secure knowing you’re using an EHR with built-in compliance.

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Stay connected with the Osmind Practice Community

Being a solo practice doesn't mean you have to go it alone. Join a supportive online community of clinicians and staff, stay informed with live events, and help transform mental health.

The all-in-one operating system for your psychiatry practice

Meet the psychiatry EMR that evolves with you.

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Customizable patient intake and charting templates

  • Send intake forms that automatically update the patient's face sheet, and click to import responses to an eval note.
  • Chart on any device with 60+ customizable psychiatry charting templates, smart phrases, and dropdown menus.
  • Choose from a library of 40+ rating scales to automatically collect and graph outcomes and diagnostic data.
  • Bring past information into your current note in two clicks.

Flexible scheduling and automated reminders

  • Always know when you're available with two-way Google calendar sync and customizable privacy settings.
  • See what’s coming up at a glance. Quickly toggle between your individual schedule, your full team’s schedule, and the visit type.
  • Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders. Simplify patient appointment requests with patient app scheduling.
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Mobile e-prescribing, and state-specific PDMP access

  • Prescribe antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, sedatives and anxiolytics, stimulants, and more—from anywhere—to get your patients the medication they need, when they need it.
  • Go mobile with the e-prescribing app. Store multi-state licensure, DEA information, and X-license numbers.
  • Securely order refills with ease. Access patients’ medication history and adjust prescriptions as needed.
  • View your state’s PDMP directly in the EHR.

Get paid faster with integrated patient payments and insurance reimbursement

  • Collect credit card payments at a competitive rate.
  • Allow patients to pay ahead of time or at the time of service.
  • Save time with pre-populated insurance claims.
  • Avoid common claim denials with psychiatry-first billing and real-time error-checking.
  • Anticipate earnings with transparent claims tracking and reporting.
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Best-in-class patient engagement and outcomes tracking app

  • Engage patients without technical barriers. Patients can use the Osmind app to complete surveys, questionnaires, and screenings.
  • Deliver measurement-based care with ease. Track your patient’s progress and see their survey results visualized at a glance.
  • Get smart alerts when patients may need more support. Keep them on-track with secure messaging.

HIPAA-compliant telepsychiatry powered by Zoom

  • Schedule and conduct HIPAA-compliant virtual visits.
  • Securely host multiple people in the same virtual visit to allow family members, caregivers, and additional care team members to join and participate in patient care and improve outcomes.
  • Seamlessly move between HIPAA-compliant virtual care and in-person care. Convert existing appointments in one click.
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Friendly customer support, and dedicated psychiatry EMR onboarding
  • Get up and running quickly with dedicated onboarding.
  • Feel supported throughout as we guide you through learning how to use the EHR, and you start seeing patients.
  • Access live chat, email, and phone support from helpful experts. Attend live office hours and ensure your practice is reaching its full potential.
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Online clinician community, virtual events, and real-time sharing of knowledge
  • Stay informed with access to a library of on-demand events on the latest research digests and practice management tips.
  • Discuss best practices for running your business with peers in an engaging forum. Stay up to date on breakthrough mental health treatments.
  • Get your clinical questions answered, share referrals, and give feedback to the Osmind team on how our EHR can better support your practice.

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Community-led product: Building an EHR by clinicians for clinicians

Meet the Osmind Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

Andrew Penn, MS, PMHNP

Clinical Professor at UC San Francisco, School of Nursing

Bergina Isbell, MD

CMO at Led Life Concierge Psychiatry

Charles Miller MSA, CRNA

Founder and CMO at Scenic City Neurotherapy

Christina Girgis, MD

Founder, Psychiatry Network

David Feifel, MD, PhD

Founder of Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute

Erick Sheftic, MD

Staff Psychiatrist at Catalyst for Change

Humaira Siddiqi, MD, DFAPA

Founder & Medical Director at Elevate Health

Jacob Behrens, MD

Founder of Envision ADHD

Joe Pullara, MD

Owner and Co-Founder at InnerVision Psychiatry

Kristin Budde, MD MPH

Co-founder of Cerebella & Psychiatrist at Ellenhorn

Michael Banov, MD

Medical Director of Psych Atlanta

Raghu Appasani, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist at Appasani MD PC

Rebecca M Allen MD MPH

Partner, Director of Neuropsychiatry and Research at SeattleNTC - President of Clinical TMS Society

Rich Bermudes, MD

Founder of Empathy MindCare and Empathy MindED

Robert Dugger, MD

Owner & Founder of Sarasota Minds

Sipra Laddha, MD

Co-Founder of LunaJoy

Sofia Peeva, MD

Co-founder & COO at Propel Therapeutics

Tobias Marton, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer at Mindful Health Solutions

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Transparent pricing and EHR  transfer support

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If you, or someone you know, is in crisis or needs immediate assistance, please call 911 immediately. To talk to someone now, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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