January 25, 2024

Top 5 EHR Features for Evolving Psychedelic Practices

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Alison McInnes, MD, MS

Psychedelic medicine is gaining momentum. As a mental health clinician, you need tools that evolve as swiftly as your practice.

Osmind offers purpose-built platform designed to meet the unique needs of psychiatry’s psychedelic future.

Here are the top 5 electronic health records (EHR) features you need for your psychedelic medicine practice:

1) Custom Notes, Intake Forms, and Consent Forms

Customization sits at the heart of psychedelic medicine, as each patient’s journey is profoundly personal. Osmind's EHR facilitates this individualized approach with customizable notes, intake forms, and consent documents. Gone are the days of paper trails and manual inputs. With Osmind, you can electronically send and receive forms that auto-populate into the patient's chart, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from the very first encounter.

"I have been using Osmind for about a year now and have been impressed. I do quite a bit of teaching to other NPs about SPRAVATO® and using Osmind. You guys have made my job much easier by streamlining the process. We get to spend more time with the patients and less time documenting" -Ron Tyree, PMHNP-BC

2) Automated REMS Submissions

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) are a crucial aspect of providing psychedelic therapeutics, such as SPRAVATO®. Recognizing this, Osmind seamlessly integrates the REMS process into the clinical workflow. The result? You save time by eliminating the need for duplicate documentation. You stay compliant by ensuring all REMS requirements are met and accurate. You spend less time on paperwork, so you can focus on patient care.

3) Patient Engagement and Journaling

Engaging patients in their treatment journey is crucial to preparation and integration. Osmind’s patient app facilitates agency, connection, and insight through HIPAA-compliant text messaging and shared journaling. Patients can record their experiences and feelings in real-time or after their session, providing valuable insights for both you and the patient. Patients also get access to the Osmind Community, a public forum where they can exchange stories and support, enriching their therapeutic experience.

"Osmind offers an app that allows our patients to connect with us in a non-threatening way. They can track their own progress, journal, reach out to other patients through the Osmind community, and file their bills through Osmind, which incentivizes them to stay on track and engaged.”-Ami Miller, NP and co-founder of Scenic City Neurotherapy

4) Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

The axiom "what gets measured gets managed" is profoundly true in healthcare. Osmind's emphasis on Measurement-Based Care (MBC) transforms subjective outcomes into tangible data. Choose from over 40 validated surveys that are sent to patients at custom intervals, automatically scored, and graphically represented. With data on your side, you’ll improve clinical outcomes, more efficiently. Ensure adherence to treatment protocols, and get a clear picture of patient progress over time. Go from guessing to having tangible data at your fingertips.

"The use and ease of it, especially for our patients. It has been great for scheduling appointments and managing our digital medical records. It has become a bridge into their own mental health awareness. It truly is incredible, to show them their very own progress." -Jacqueline D., Director of creative and immersive therapies

5) Ketamine IV Chart Note

Osmind is one of the only EHRs with a Ketamine IV chart note that streamlines documenting infusion details like IV start/end time, patient dose, and vitals; saving precious time and reducing potential errors. Built with pioneering clinicians in the field and evidence-based practices in mind, safety and compliance are built in to help protect your practice and your patients, so you deliver the highest standards of care.

WATCH: See a demo of the ketamine and SPRAVATO® note in action

“Osmind is a platform that is focused, specialized, and listens to the community it serves when adding features and functionality. The platform has an opportunity to move ketamine infusion space toward a standard of care which will lead to better patient outcomes.”-Charles Miller, CRNA, co-founder of Scenic City Neurotherapy

Ready to future-proof your practice with Osmind?

Today is the best time to prepare for psychiatry’s tomorrow.

Osmind's premier technology platform is tailored for leading mental health practices dedicated to treating conditions with novel interventions like ketamine, SPRAVATO®, and potential future FDA-approved psychedelic medications.

Schedule a demo and see firsthand how to take your psychedelic practice to the next level with the #1 EHR for psychedelic practices.

“The thing that I love about Osmind is that I'm not going to have to adopt a different software into my office because Osmind is going to advance with us. To know that the core of our practice is going to change and our software is something I’ll never need to replace is invaluable.”-Ami Miller, NP and co-founder at Scenic City Neurotherapy

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