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Psychiatry intake and evaluation: How to avoid redundancy and create a better patient experience


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November 3, 2022




Your first impression (clinically and personally) is crucial to building rapport and understanding your patient. Documenting a patient’s history is a vital first step, but shouldn’t get in the way of being present with your patient during an initial evaluation.

We often end up double-documenting data and waste time copying and pasting intake data into thes eval note—time you could spend capturing more clinically significant information, and providing a better patient experience.

To facilitate more streamlined initial evaluations for new patients, we created the Evaluation Note! With this new type of Clinical Note, you can import Osmind Intake responses directly into the note as free text, allowing you to make edits in real-time with patients during initial consultations.

This new evaluation note type helps by letting you:

  • Automatically pull intake information into an editable view for you to easily review with your patient
  • Have no need to copy and paste from an external source or hidden elsewhere in the chart, or have to type the whole patient's history from scratch
  • Aggregate all the information you need for a patient's first visit into one view
  • Streamline how many places you have to look when evaluating a new patient and reclaim your time in that appointment to look at the patient and not at the screen

Import intake notes into your evaluation note with ease

Here's how to get started:

1) Create an Evaluation Note with Osmind

  1. Navigate to the Notes tab in the Patient Chart and click New Note.
  2. Under Note Type, select “Evaluation Note” from the dropdown menu.

2) Import Intake Information into the Evaluation Note

  1. Inside your Evaluation Note, scroll down to the Clinical Note section and click the blue button labeled “Import Patient Intake Responses.”
  2. The patient’s Osmind Intake responses will populate as free-text in the text box.

Note: The patient must have a completed Osmind Intake form in their Documents prior to importing intake information.

Important Notes / FAQs:

  1. Will my edits in the Evaluation Note to intake responses transfer over to the Patient Profile?
  2. No, the Patient Profile is not impacted by any updates or edits made in an Evaluation Note. You can update or add any new information gathered in an Evaluation Note by editing the appropriate sections in the Patient Profile.
  3. I’m getting an error: Unable to import patient intake responses; This patient has not yet completed their Osmind Intake Form.
  4. Possible reasons for this include:
  5. The patient still needs to complete and submit their Osmind Intake Form
  6. The completed Osmind Intake Form was resent and overwritten. If this is the case, please reach out to support@osmind.org to see if we can recover it.
  7. Do I need to Review and Import the Osmind Intake form into the Patient Chart before creating an Evaluation Note?
  8. No, you can import the Osmind Intake into the Evaluation Note even if you haven’t reviewed and imported it into the Patient Chart yet! As long as the patient has completed and submitted their Osmind Intake, you can import it into the Evaluation Note.

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help you! You can reach out to our support team at support@osmind.org or via chat in the bottom corner of your Osmind portal.


Say bye to repeating questions and notes and a diminished patient experience. With Osmind, you can automatically import intake data into an editable evaluation note.


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